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Text-To-Speech For E-Learning

Create E-Learning materials for students, staff and your audience.

Create attractive voiceovers for e-learning material

To better understand the content of e-learning, it takes a high-quality voiceover, as voice is a crucial factor in this process. Hiring a voice actor is the toughest part in the voice-over narrator. But why do you need a voice actor? AiVOOV.com is an online tool for converting text into speech. You can choose your voice from our largest voice libraries. You also have the choice of male and female voices.


AiVOOV - Voiceovers for e-learning material

Key features of AiVOOV for E-learning

Add value to boring, dry learning modules and facilitate comprehension and uptake of content

900+ AI Voices

900+ AI Voices

Select from a growing library of over 900+ Text to Speech voices in over 125+ languages and accents.

Voice Inflections

Voice Inflections

Refine Rate, Pitch, Emphasis and Pauses to create a more suitable voice tone.

Custom Pronunciations

Custom Pronunciations

Define the pronunced of specified words. Save and reuse these pronunciations while synthesizing speech.

Help people with disabilities learn more

Voice Over also plays an important role in making a difference for people with disabilities and helping them learn and engage with their course materials. Voice-Over helps people who are visually impaired understand what they see on the screen and improve their learning process.

Give the E-learning material a professional twist

E-learning script should be easy and fun to listen to to get people involved. Therefore, do not use too complicated language or long sentences. With AiVOOV, you can preview the audio before generating the final release.


AiVOOV effortlessly integrates with numerous web platforms, making it a versatile solution for professionals.

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