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One Click Text to Speech Solution

Create realistic voices for any text in seconds by using over 900+ realistic voices across 125+ languages.

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Convert your text to Speech using AI Voices

Bring your work to the top with AiVOOV's Voice Over text-to-speech technology.

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of traditional voiceover services. With AiVOOV's cutting-edge text-to-audio technology, you can now create studio-quality voiceovers in a matter of seconds. Powered by AI voices, this innovative platform ensures that your projects sound professional and captivating, without breaking the bank.

AiVOOV - Text to Speech

Powered by leading cloud service providers that provide standard TTS voices, as well as Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices that deliver advanced speech quality improvements through a new machine learning approach.

AiVOOV Support 125+ Languages & Accents

Build a natural sounding speech in more than 125 languages and accents.

Use Cases

AiVOOV - Text to Speech

Audio Articles

Boost the audience reach, accessibility, and user engagement of your articles.

AiVOOV - Text to Speech

Youtube Videos

It's often a lot faster and cheaper than saving your own narration for YouTube videos.

AiVOOV - Text to Speech

IVR Systems

Improve customer satisfaction on IVR and telephony systems with professional voice interactions.

AiVOOV - Text to Speech

Marketing Content

Build your professional marketing audio instantly in any preferred language.

AiVOOV - Text to Speech


Boost accessibility & convenience with the natural-sounding synthesized voices of smart devices.

AiVOOV - Text to Speech


Share your audio content across top podcasting platforms by obtaining the RSS feed of your files.

Why is AiVOOV different?

Easy to use

We have designed the system to keep in mind non-technical people. All functionality and user interface very easy to understand.

Loaded with powerful features

We have a number of fantastic features in one place such as Text to speech, Audio to text, Generate SRT, Manage Projects, Merge Audio files, Background voice with fade in-out and loop.

Pocket friendly

With all these features, we still go nice pocket for your work. We have several bundles depending on your usage needs.

Ai Voice Generate


AiVOOV effortlessly integrates with numerous web platforms, making it a versatile solution for professionals.

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